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Oh hi!

Leigh Cameron, who’s got the sunny disposition of a Muppet, triumphs… Glen Sumi, Now Magazine
— Glen Sumi, Now Magazine

Hi, welcome to my website. I’m an actor, writer, voice-over artist and comedian based in Toronto. You may have seen me on the Second City Main Stage, I completed my run there last summer after three brilliant revues.

Primarily, I perform as an improvisor and sketch comedian in Toronto and at festivals around North America. I was a founding member of One Night Stand an all lady improv juggernaught (Now Magazine's runner up for Best Improv Troupe 2014). Performed and wrote in sketch revue Tales of Whoa! (Best of the Fringe 2014). Toured with the Second National Touring Company (2013-2015). After forming a improv duo in a happy accident, Kirsten Rasmussen and I have been performing and touring as Bloody Marys and were chuffed to be crowned the champions of Bad Dog Theatre’s 2017 Globehead competition. 

On the internet, you can see me in the web series Roommates produced by Hey Audience. Roommates was an official selection of the Inside Out Film Festival 2014. 

This past March, I appeared at the Canadian Film Festival in the feature Modern Classic, which won Best First Feature for director Jonathan M.B. Hunter. In the same month I recorded the part of Dong Mei in the upcoming interactive game Shuyan for Mark Media. 

Currently, I am directing and performing in Epic Bedtime, produced by the Bad Dog Theatre. The show secured it’s five show run by winning Bad Dog’s 2016 Blockbuster Week. The all star cast of Epic Bedtime takes your favourite kid’s book and blows it up into a fast paced and hilarious, epic blockbuster. Epic Bedtime runs every Friday at 8pm until May 19th. 

This summer I will be writing and performing in the Toronto Fringe Festival with 32 Sketches About Bees. I’m thrilled to be joining most of the sketch group Dame Judy Dench (Best of the Fest winners) and director Paul Bates. 


Photo Credit: David Leyes